Jeremy Buchmann

Statement of Experience

In this section, I want to provide a more complete overview of my skills than you'll find on my CV. I mainly do backend Web development right now, but I consider myself a generalist and have taken on a variety of software development projects at both professional and personal levels.


I've worked heavily with PHP since 2005. I've built a lot of things with it, some without a framework and some with Laravel/Lumen. If it can be done in PHP, I can probably do it.

JavaScript & TypeScript

I've worked with JavaScript for many years, sometimes quite heavily.

In the past, I wrote a lot of lines of vanilla JS, jQuery, and YUI (ah, memories) for the browser. In the last few years, I've used TypeScript and Node.js with the NestJS framework to create backend services.


I enjoy using Go because of its combination of minimalism and speed. I've created some open source projects with it and am interested in using it more.


Java used to be my best language, but I haven't worked with it recently in a professional setting. A little while back, I used it to study concurrent programming in an online course.

Other Languages


I have experience building monoliths and tearing them down into a service architecture. I've designed and built event-based systems using RabbitMQ as a message broker. I've designed numerous APIs. I've worked with Docker and Kubernetes since 2017.


Database Years of Experience
PostgreSQL 15
MongoDB 3


Technology Years of Experience
Laravel/Lumen 4
NestJS 2 + the NestJS Fundamentals course